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Homebrew batch #30: Noble Nuggets American Barley Wine

by Ziggy October 8, 2011
American Barley Wine Recipe

Today is a milestone for my brewery: batch #30. To celebrate, we’re doing a 100% insane recipe for an American Barley Wine. Weighing in at 13% alcohol, 130+ IBU’s and 400 calories per 12 oz, this is one beer that doesn’t fuck around. A Bud Light has approximately 5-10 IBU’s, 4% alcohol and 110 calories.

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Chocolate Espresso Stout recipe

by Ziggy September 24, 2011
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I’m a fan of beer. I’m a fan of coffee. Very few breweries have the balls to combine the two. Well I’m different, so I created my own recipe. I wanted a rich coffee flavor, so I added real espresso to my brew, and lots of it.

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