A Crash Course in Brewing Beer, Part 1: Ingredients

by Ziggy February 25, 2012
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The process of brewing beer is equal parts art, science, microbiology and chemistry. If you are looking to get into brewing your own beer or are just curious how the nectar of the gods is made, you’ve came to the right place. There are 4 main ingredients in all beers: water, malt, hops and yeast. [...]

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Homebrew batch #30: Noble Nuggets American Barley Wine

by Ziggy October 8, 2011
American Barley Wine Recipe

Today is a milestone for my brewery: batch #30. To celebrate, we’re doing a 100% insane recipe for an American Barley Wine. Weighing in at 13% alcohol, 130+ IBU’s and 400 calories per 12 oz, this is one beer that doesn’t fuck around. A Bud Light has approximately 5-10 IBU’s, 4% alcohol and 110 calories.

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Chocolate Espresso Stout recipe

by Ziggy September 24, 2011
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I’m a fan of beer. I’m a fan of coffee. Very few breweries have the balls to combine the two. Well I’m different, so I created my own recipe. I wanted a rich coffee flavor, so I added real espresso to my brew, and lots of it.

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