The wedding of Dan & Erica Fetter – before the ceremony

by Ziggy on September 30, 2011

The wedding of Dan & Erica Fetter was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. It also was by far the most nerve-wracking. That’s because I was asked by Dan and Erica to be their photographer for the day, and this was the first wedding I’ve ever shot.

Being asked to photograph their wedding meant a lot to me. Obviously they thought enough of my photography skills to count on me to capture their special day for all of eternity. But their confidence in me didn’t lower my stress levels or stop me from sweating buckets.

What if my batteries die? I had a friend grab the charger I left at home. What if I miss a shot I only have one chance at? I had my girlfriend stand by me the whole time with my second camera in case I needed to swap. What if I ran out of memory card space? That one came right down to the wire. I filled two 4 GB cards, a 2 GB card and three 1 GB cards. 12.8 GB and 1,280 photos later I think I caught a few keepers.

Below are just a few of my favorites from before the ceremony:

The groom horsing around right before the cermony


The groom and his nephew...what a ham!


The bride and her Mom putting on her neclace


The groom and his groomsmen trying to figure out how to form gang signs


The bride caught in an emotial moment - Sorry Erica, but I had to!


The beautiful bride & bridesmaids


The soon to be Mrs. Erica Fetter

















































































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