Professional Design Pays Off

by Ziggy on September 24, 2011

As small business owners, we’re responsible for a million and one things. From paying our bills to meeting our clients needs and everything in between, owning a business leaves little time for anything else. So when our transmissions go out, we call a mechanic for their expertise. When we need a new server installed, we call an IT company to save us time and headaches. So then why do so many people end up trying to design their own websites and logos when they have little or no design expertise?

The answer comes down to two factors. First, with companies like GoDaddy and Quicken promoting “overnight” website tools, and the availability of top notch free software like WordPress, it truly is easier than ever to create a website. The rise of desktop publishing in the 90′s created a huge group of amateur graphic designers as well. These days anyone with a computer can make a website or logo in a matter of minutes, but the likelihood of these solutions being effective is slim to none.

The second factor comes down to pricing. Some people think they just don’t have the money to hire a professional. As with most things though, you get out what you put in. If you spend $100 on an overnight website, you?re not going to get much out of it. But if you hire a professional to take the time to research, strategize and implement a winning plan, in the end you?ll be glad you did. With a true professional designer a website is an investment, not a cost.

Your logo and website are the first impression of your business that a new customer will get. First impressions are pretty hard to change, so it’s important that your logo doesn’t look like it was whipped together in minutes. It’s also just as important that your website be simple and extremely easy to use. Requiring your clients to think on your website will make them search out your competitors in no time flat. User interface design skills take years to perfect, and no overnight solution can match the experience and professionalism a design firm will bring you.

So the moral of the story is this: if you’re serious about your business, call in the professionals. The extra investment you make in hiring a professional will pay dividends in both time saved and results earned. Or, you could try and pick up skills that the professionals have spent their whole lives learning and apply that to an overnight website. This is the quickest, but certainly not the best way, to learn why professional design really does pay off.

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