Latest website launch: Newburg Borough official website

by Ziggy on September 28, 2011

I am extremely proud of the work that 717 Studios puts out on a regular basis. The partners and employees of 717 Studios strive for nothing less than the best design and functionality possible. As the leader of the sales department, it’s my job to show potential clients why we’re the best studio for the job. As I’ve told our designers multiple times, the body of work they put out make it so easy to sell their work that a monkey could do it. I am the case in point here.

Recently we launched a brand new website for Newburg borough right here in Central PA. Like most of our borough and township websites, this site is built around a content management system, AKA a CMS. The CMS allows the staff at Newburg borough to update and maintain their website in just a few quick clicks.

From posting news and events to uploading ordinances and resolutions in PDF format, our content management system allows anyone with a web browser and connection to the Internet. If you like what you see below, check out the rest of our portfolio at and give us a call at 717 386 5082. We’d love to hear from you!













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