It’s no wonder Borders is gone

by Ziggy on September 26, 2011

Alright, so this post is a little bit late since Border’s announced it was closing back in July, but that doesn’t make this any less interesting. Before I purchased my Kindle, I did a good bit of research.There was the Kindle, one from Sony, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and many others. The Kindle was obviously the front runner, with millions of fans on Facebook. I wasn’t really considering the Barnes & Noble offering because of it’s price. If I want to read a book in color I’ll throw it on my Motorola Xoom tablet. I didn’t need a backlight or any color. And what impressed me the most was the amazing battery life and low price of the Kindle.

My decision was pretty much made, until I found that Borders had their own e-reader called the Kobo. Was this one worth considering? After a tiny bit of initial research, I noticed it had a whopping 500 or so likes on Facebook. When I saw this number I was floored. The Kindle had millions. Barnes & Noble’s offering had hundreds of thousands.

Do you think they’re still wondering why they went out of business? Were monkeys running the marketing department behind the Kobo? I don’t claim to be any type of expert at getting likes on Facebook, but I guarantee one thing, if I was running that department for a national book seller, I sure as hell could get more than 500 people to click like. This wasn’t just some unofficial Kobo page, this was the official Kobo paged linked directly from the Borders website.

Today the Kobo page was 30,000 or so, compared to over 350,000 for the Nook and over 1,000,000 for the Kindle. Borders was a minority stakeholder in Kobo, but they’re obviously doing a better job on their own, since they’ve got 29,500+ more likes than they did when Borders was running the show.

The digital revolution is here and anyone that’s not on the wagon is going to be left behind, just like Borders.

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