Ink for Ink

by Ziggy on September 24, 2011

Terrelle Pryor seems to be the biggest Ohio State screw up since Maurice Clarett. The difference here, is that Clarett actually did something that was wrong.

Okay, okay. I admit, Pryor broke NCAA rules. But who doesn’t? I’d be willing to bet the top couple superstar athletes on every campus are receiving ‘improper’ benefits according to the NCAA. And they really don’t care. Every few seasons they need to find a scapegoat to keep the media fed for a while, and last year was the Buckeyes and Terrelle Pryor.

The NCAA wants us to treat these student athletes like a regular ole’ Joe on campus. The problem is, they aren’t. They are given full rides based on their superior athletic skills. Fans, including students these guys have class with hound them for autographs. Everyone knows their name. I went to college and I never got to perform in front of 100,000+ screaming fans wearing my jersey. They are not the same as regular students, so why are we pretending they are?

Full disclosure: I have been an Ohio State fan for many years, so at first glance it may appear my comments are biased. If this had happened to any other school (okay, any school other than Michigan. Muck Fichigan.) My opinions would be the same. It’s 2012 and it’s time the NCAA wakes up and updates some of their antiquated rules. How much money are these players funneling to the Universities and thus the NCAA as well? And I can’t even buy a jersey with the guys last name on the back? Give me a break.

In the grand scheme of things, Pryor traded some ink (his autograph) for some ink (tattoos). In today’s day and age, do we not have anything better to worry about?


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