Chocolate Espresso Stout recipe

by Ziggy on September 24, 2011

I’m a fan of beer. I’m a fan of coffee. Very few breweries have the balls to combine the two. Well I’m different, so I created my own recipe. I wanted a rich coffee flavor, so I added real espresso to my brew, and lots of it.

There are 48 shots of espresso in this 5 gallon batch, which roughly equals out to 1 shot of espresso per 12 oz serving, making this an excellent breakfast beer. It’s also dark as hell and thick like motor oil. At over 6% alcohol, this is not a beer for beginning drinkers or brewers. But for those of us that have learned to appreciate the finer details of roasted grains and espresso beans, this beer is for you.

The recipe for 5 gallons is as follows. This recipe requires an all-grain brewing setup. You could try and convert it to an extract recipe but it just won’t be the same since this beer relies heavily on multiple different roasted grains for much of it’s character.

12.5 lbs US 2-row Malt
1 lb Cara-Pils/Dextrne
1 lb Caramel/Crystal 120L
1 lb Belgian Chocolate Malt
1 lb Coffee Malt
8 oz Roasted Barley
1 oz German Magnum Pellet Hops 13.6% AA (Boil 60 mins)
1 oz Cascade Pellet Hops 5.5% AA (Boil 30 mins)
1 lb Malto-Dextrine (Boil 10 mins or so)
1 oz Cascade Pellet Hops 5.5% AA (Aroma Steep, boil last 3 mins)
1 Large Starter of White Laps WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast
Approximately 48 shots of Espresso

Single infusion mash, full body, mash at 156 degrees F. I did a batch sparge because of my equipment but fly sparging would of course also work.

OG: 1.074 at 80% efficiency

Pitch yeast, ferment for about a week. Rack to secondary and add espresso.

FG: 1.026 or so which comes out to about 6.3% alcohol. I kegged and it’s been sitting for about 1.5 months. It’s absolutely delicious, though I will probably let it sit in the keg for another month or 2. A beer like this needs to sit…if you can wait to enjoy it!

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