Bengals receiver, part time drug dealer?

by Ziggy on September 24, 2011

If you’re an NFL player, even at the league minimum, you’re making well into six figures. With that kind of money, do you really need to supplement your income by selling pot? As if it’s not already embarrassing enough to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan, now receiver Jerome Simpson is facing some hefty drug charges.

Apparently this dumbass had marijuana shipped to him from Northern California to his home in Kentucky. We’re not talking about a gram or 2 here either. When drug sniffing dogs discovered the package at the airport it contained 2.5 lbs of pot. Then when officers delivered the package, along with a search warrant, they found 6 more lbs located at his residence.

I believe fully that marijuana should be legalized. I also believe fully that if Jerome Simpson wants to smoke some dope, more power to him. But not even Willie Nelson or Tommy Chong would keep 8.5 lbs of weed on hand for their own personal use. As a Bengals fan, I hope it comes out that Jerome had nothing to do with this. Unfortunately that seems highly unlikely. Selling pot while on an NFL franchise payroll? As Boomer would say, “C’mon man!”.

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